Africa / Underwater videography

South Africa: Hermanus Lagoon

A few months ago in October I went up to a town in the Western Cape of South Africa for the famous Hermanus whale festival.

Hermanus is a town famous for it’s scenic beauty and whale watching and I’ve been going there all my life as my grandparents lived out there.

On our second day in Hermanus we decided to take a drive out to the beautiful white sandy Grotto beach at the end of town.There is a lagoon that opens up into the sea further down the beach and at this time of year the water was flowing very fast into the sea and was freezing and crystal clear. I took a swim across the river mouth with my GoPro to acess the other more private part of the beach on the other side and put together this little video of it.

Hermanus lagoon is also a great place for boating and canoeing , I have yet to scuba dive in Hermanus but I am definately going to do some diving there soon .I’m very interested in a company called Neptune Divers who dive from a catamaran yacht  .

Here is the video and I’ll keep you posted on my diving experiences in Hermanus!

Note how great sound design can add excitement to a video


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