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South Africa: Shark Diving in Cape Town


I decided to make a little video the other day using a few of my best dive clips of the last few days.

These days were all made in False Bay which is in Cape Town ,South Africa and a major area of Great White Shark activity as well as many others.

The dive sites visited in this video were mostly popular shore entry dives here , like the beautiful Windmill beach , The A frame, Long Beach which is a sandy beach in Simonstown with loads of Octopi and Giant short tail Stringrays in the summer months and also the Cow Sharks/Pyramid rock dive site which is famous for it’s Seven Gill Cowsharks.

These docile animals cruise right by you as though you’re not even there and it can really be a very exciting experience.

Also in this video you will see the stripped Pyjama shark at windmill beach , Puffadder Shyshark at A Frame and common Octopus leaving it’s hole at Long Beach

I made this video with my GoPro Hero 3 silver and Polar Pro Red Filter , then edited it and wrote the music and added sound design.

I had some great dives at Cow Sharks today, so enjoy this video as a taste of bigger projects to follow soon!


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