Africa / Underwater videography

South Africa: Diving Steenbras Deep

This last Saturday 21st of March I attended the Aqualung Funday dive festival in Gordon’s Bay.

The wind did not really play ball unfortunately with a strong North Wester blowing and a lot of boats canceling , so things were a bit chaotic to say the least.

However I managed to get a dive in at a really interesting site in False Bay “Steenbras Deep” . This reef is located about 11km offshore and apparently not dived that often and it was really interesting with a nice depth of 30 meters and some remarkably good viz considering the surface conditions.

This was also a good experience as it was my first dive in Gordon’s Bay , which is only 45 mins by car from Muizenberg where I live and it just shows how important it is to get out and expolre new dive sites.

I’d definitely recommend this as a great site to dive  if you are looking for something new!

Lots of deep gullies , giant sponges and sea fans as well as plenty of colorful macro life

Here is a little film I shot and edited of the dive and added some of my old music and a bit of sound design as well the evening after I got back. The water was clear but a dark green and I used a GoPro Hero 3 with PolarPro Magenta filter and some colour correction afterwards in Final Cut Pro.


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