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PolarPro Filters for GoPro Review

PolarPro were kind enough to send me there Red and Magenta filters to test out a few months ago.These glass filter from PolarPro are a good and affordable option for those of you looking for an easy to use, functional underwater filter to put some color into your pictures and videos when diving with your GoPro. Unfiltered GoPro footage looks very blue or green depending on the conditions and depth and this is because the color red starts to disappear from around 5 meters and a red or magenta filter is a easy and cheap way to restore some of the color balance.This type of filtering is usually most effective from 5- 15 meters with a real sweet spot around 10 meters of depth. A red filter is used for blue tropical water and a Magenta filter is used for fresh water and green seawater which you usually find at cold water dive sites.

gopro filter

The PolarPro filters are made from glass with a plastic frame that clips snugly onto the lens of your GoPro housing. They make models for the dive housing and the standard housing so be aware which one you are purchasing. I personally prefer the standard housing model as it has a much more snug fit and sturdy feel to it and I just prefer the overall design.I am not really a big fan of the GoPro dive housing generally as I find it has a tendency to mist up. The filter is secured to the GoPro grip or tray by a simple piece of nylon string, I usually thread it through the screw mount at the bottom of the housing before I secure it with the screw, a little old school but it is effective.

After using filters for the first time, I was amazed at how much color they restore.The PolarPro filters seems to be a good and fairly affordable option if you are looking for an underwater filter for your GoPro.Also, from my experience PolarPro are a friendly and helpful company, they respond to mail and have great customer service,they really do seem like a good bunch of people and this is a really big reason why I enjoying using, supporting  and promoting their products!                                                                                       Check out there site here for more specs.

Next time I’ll be reviewing the PolarPro Switchblade 2.00 red filter/Macro lens combo.

GoPro filters in box


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