Florianópolis: First Impressions

I’d always heard Florianópolis is one of the great places to live in Brazil, with a good combination of city infrastructure and natural beauty and I can honestly say that it lives up to the hype!  It’s a bit cooler than the South East of Brazil with a climate bordering between subtropical and temperate. I always find the climate along the coast of Brazil a little less tropical than you would expect given the latitude and I suspect this is because of the influence of the colder currents of the Atlantic ocean. So far I’ve found the winter the climate and feel very similar Northern part of the garden route in South Africa, but with a few more palm trees and other unique South American plants like Bromeliads and Delicious Monsters which give it that extra tropical flair.


Prainha da Barra

The city has a fairly large down town, which extends over the bridge and onto the mainland  and a nice ocean front promenade with tall apartment buildings, restaurants and a little strip of sand. This is where business takes place and most of the big companies, shopping malls and department stores are located, with highways leading out to the North and South side of the island where you can find various towns like Ingleses in the North and Campeche in the South, both of which have a more local Brazilian beach town feel and absolutely amazing beaches. Santinho, a Northern beach next to Ingleses is particularly stunning as you can see from the pics below.


One of the amazing things I’m realizing as we explore the island is the strange and enchanting blend of tropical and temperate flora and atmosphere. One moment you can be driving down an overcast road, flanked by pine trees and as you turn the corner you are confronted with lush tropical forest and warm sun. This is one of the things that makes the place unique….I can see why people  refer to it as Ilha da Magica – Island of Magic. So far it seems to have anything one could need and all in fairly close proximity, with every summer adventure and outdoor activity that you could dream of on offer. Right now it’s winter and things are still quiet, but I hear it gets pretty crazy in the summer!

I’m looking forward to checking out more of what the island has in store and will be reporting back on further adventures over the next few months, we visited the turtle project, Projeto Tamar yesterday, and I’ll be putting out a video soon on the youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/lifeaquaticdivingexperience.  See you soon!


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